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How to Upgrade Your Home Gym

home gym equipment essentials

I know some of ya’ll love going to the gym.

But with all due respect (‘cuz I do respect anyone who is making an effort to exercise consistently, no matter where they choose to do it) … I love working out at home.

It saves me time. It saves me money. And it has helped me find the consistency to get in the best shape of my life after 40.

If you want to set up a killer home gym, here are some essential pieces of equipment I highly recommend (beyond the traditional barbell/bench set):

1. Adjustable dumbbell set. (Bowflex ones are great but Proform also has a set that is a bit cheaper). Cost: $200 – $400. You can also try picking up a used set on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, or a garage sale.

2. Resistance bands. Cost: $20 – $40

3. TRX straps with ceiling mounts. Cost: The real TRX ones will cost you $200+ but you can buy a pair of moving straps instead or find a knock-off brand for $50 or so. The mounts will cost you an extra $25.

4. Gymnastics rings. Cost: $30

5. Pull-up bar. Cost: $30 – $50

6. Parallette Bars. Cost: $40 – $100

7. Swiss ball. Cost: $20

8. Adjustable kettlebell handle. Cost: $20

9. Medicine balls. Cost: $20 – $50

10. Hanging ab straps. Cost: $30

11. Battle rope. Cost: $35 – $100

12. Hex trap bar. Cost: $70 – $100

13. Foam roller. Cost: $15 – $20

14. Lacrosse ball. Cost: $5

If you need recommendations on specific brands I use, leave a comment.

And if you’re a guy 40-70 who wants to build muscle, get stronger, and move better working out from home, then sign up for my free workout plans here.