Arbonne Protein Powder and Shakes Reviews

While doing research for this article and looking at Arbonne protein powder reviews online, I had some reservations. I’m friends with people who sell it, and they’re generally very passionate about Arbonne’s shakes and other products. And I sell a plant-based protein powder of my own, so this opens the door for some potential bias.

So first off, let me say I have always thought of Arbonne as a good company.

But the goal of every review post I write is to present the facts based on my analysis of the nutrition facts label and ingredients list.

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with what I discovered about most Arbonne protein powder and shakes. See below for my short and full versions of the review …

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Arbonne Protein Powder Review (Short Version)

Similar to my other reviews, I am reviewing Arbonne’s protein powders based on health and nutrition … NOT taste.

This is what I look for in a healthy protein powder:

The ingredients Arbonne uses in its protein powders are not as clean as you might think.

Here’s proof …

arbonne protein powder review arbonne essentials daily protein boost arbonne shakes
Arbonne Protein Shake Mix Arbonne Essentials Daily Protein Boost Arbonne Ready to Drink Shakes
Calories 160 50 180
Grams of Protein  20  10  20
Protein Source(s)  Pea protein, rice protein, cranberry protein  Pea protein, rice protein, cranberry protein Pea protein, rice protein, cranberry protein
Grams of Sugar  9  0  11
Free of “Natural” Flavors No Yes No
Free of Gums & Thickeners No Yes No
Organic No No No
Vegan Yes  Yes Yes
Cost Per Gram  $.06  $.06  $.08

Look guys, I’m not trying to bash Arbonne … just giving you my honest review based on the facts. And the facts, unfortunately, are quite clear:

All Arbonne protein shakes except Arbonne Essentials have sugar, gums, flavors, and other junk.

The Arbonne Essentials Daily Protein Boost actually looks like a decent product and I like the protein blend. It’s unflavored though and not organic.

Arbonne Protein Powder Reviews (Full Version)

On its website, Arbonne says:

By integrating the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation.

“Green chemistry” is kind of an oxymoron if you ask me.

Arbonne also has an “Ingredients Policy” page that has a picture of a pretty lady (this is called “aspirational marketing”, a clever psychological tactic) along with words about how “pure,” “safe,” and “beneficial” their products are:

arbonne protein reviews

After reviewing the ingredients in Arbonne’s protein powders and shakes, my problem is not what they formulate without, as stated above … it’s what they formulate their protein powders with.

If you dig into the ingredients list on Arbonne’s flavored protein powders and shakes, there are some things clean eaters should be very concerned about:

1. Arbonne Shakes Have Way Too Much Sugar

Take a look at the sugar content in two of Arbonne’s protein products:

  • Arbonne Protein Shake Mix: 9 grams
  • Arbonne Ready to Drink Shake: 11 grams

Cane sugar is the #2 ingredient in each of these after the protein blend. Huge red flag. Might as well drink a milkshake.

2. All But Arbonne Essentials Protein Powder Have “Natural” Flavors

Natural flavors are chemical-filled junk and they’re definitely NOT natural. Read my article “What Are Natural Flavors?” if you want to know more about this mystery ingredient.

Bottom line: “natural” flavors can contain hundreds of different ingredients that food companies don’t have to disclose to you. Many of these are chemicals in standard “flavors.” Not saying Arbonne uses them but it’s worth asking them where their flavors come from and how they’re made.

3. Arbonne’s Proteins Have Corn, Gums, Gillers, and Other Highly Processed, Artificial Ingredients

Arbonne Protein Shake Mix and Ready to Drink contain a laundry list of these additives. That could spell bad news for your body because these processed thickeners, fillers, gums, and fibers can wreak havoc on your gut.

One ingredient they use that really bothers me is corn starch (also called maltodextrin), which is used as a thickener. I assume Arbonne doesn’t use GMO corn. But most corn that’s not organic is genetically modified. And corn is one of the “Big 8” allergens that many people should be avoiding. Side Note: it’s worth a trip to an Allergist to see if you test positive for an allergic reaction. I had no idea that I was allergic to corn and dairy because going to see one!

So let’s look at the big picture view of all the “red flag” ingredients in Arbonne’s protein powders and shakes. Note all the things I highlighted in red:

arbonne shake review arbonne daily protein boost arbonne ready to drink shake

Arbonne Protein Shake Mix

Arbonne Essentials Daily Protein Boost

Arbonne Ready to Drink Shakes

Nutrition arbonne essentials protein powder nutrition facts arbonne daily protein boost nutrition facts arbonne protein shake nutrition facts
Ingredients  arbonne essential protein powder ingredients daily protein boost ingredients arbonne ready to drink protein powder ingredients

Let’s wrap this up …

Arbonne Protein Powder Reviews Summed Up

Arbonne Essentials Daily Protein Boost is the only product I recommend based on my nutrition and ingredients analysis. I recommend avoiding Arbonne Protein Shake Mix and Ready to Drink Shakes because of the high sugar content and all the highly processed gums, fibers, fillers, and thickeners. Plus, for the price they charge, I wish they would use organic ingredients.

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16 thoughts on “Arbonne Protein Powder and Shakes Reviews

  1. A. Rein says:

    Your summation mixes up the Arbonne Protein Shake Mix and the Daily Protein Boost. Previously, your comparisons show that the Boost is the one without sugar, gums, etc. so I’m guessing that’s the only one you would use, not the Protein Shake Mix.

    • Scott (Founder, Pure Food Company) says:

      Thanks for letting me know about this … I fixed it. Arbonne Essentials is the one with zero sugar and junk ingredients. That’s the only one I recommend.

  2. S says:

    New to your blog, can you tell us which you do recommend. I struggle with sugar and know it hurts me when it comes to inflammation. Any suggestions on nutritious shakes for very active gardeners who will give me what I need when I don’t have time to eat (because I’d rather garden)

  3. Peggy Nelson says:

    I’ve been on the Arbonne detox program for 6 days. At the end of the 1st day, I broke out hives! It has spread out on the arms, breast , thighs and stomach (but mainly the arms!!) Could it be the powdered shakes? I don’t want to quit the regimen but these hives are TERRIBLE! Anybody else get hives during detox?

  4. Robin says:

    Thank you, I too had looked at the ingredients and was disappointed. As soon as I took the shakes I became gassy and uncomfortabe. I always watch my sugar intake. Then I saw the fillers and the sugar cane and all the fillers etc. I was told to add more greens to balance it. That isn’t right in my mind. I wanted to eat clean and thought this was a good source for my protein shakes. Disappointed and feeling a little duped.

  5. Michelle says:

    Are you addressing ARBORNNE here? Or Orgain? Your post is conflicting.
    “1. Arbonne Shakes Have Way Too Much Sugar

    The sugar content in Orgain Shakes is crazy high:

    Arbonne Protein Shake Mix: 9 grams
    Arbonne Ready to Drink Shake: 11 grams

    Cane sugar is the #2 ingredient in each of these products after the protein blend. Huge red flag. Might as well drink a milkshake.”

  6. Marsha Jackson says:

    I have tried many protein powers and Arbonne is the only one that taste good and mixes well. Yes, there are other powers that may have better ingredients BUT if I can’t get them down or they don’t stay down due to the taste and/or it’s inability to dissolve, I’m not going to use them. So, Arbonne has been the lesser of the evils, so far. Can you recommend another product with good taste and dissolves well?

    • Scott Christ says:

      Marsha – in order to dissolve well, most protein powders add gums and fillers. Since I don’t evaluate powders on the basis of taste, I’m probably not the best person to answer that question. My product doesn’t have these things, so it’s a little grittier. If Arbonne works for you, then by all means keep using it.

    • Scott Christ says:

      Looks like a decent greens blend to me, David. Ask what their heavy metal counts are there…some of those fruit/veggie powders can be really high.

  7. Lisette Gonzalez says:

    I started taking the arbonne shakes then I started having tenderness in my breast my doctor said to stop the shakes and see if it would go away & it did but now that I started again I have the tenderness again. Is there something wrong?

    • Scott Christ says:

      I’m not a doctor, Lisette, but it sounds like your body is sending you a message. I’d stop taking Arbonne immediately and go get it checked out again to be safe.

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