Is Stevia Natural? Here’s the Bitter Truth

A few years ago, I discovered a seemingly miraculous “all-natural” sweetener called Truvia. It seemed too good to be “true” (pun intended): mild taste, didn’t cause cancer, derived from plants, and none of the fat-promoting calories of regular sugar. I wanted to know: what the heck is stevia? Is stevia natural and safe? And what are the best and worst types of stevia?

Turns out powder from the real stevia plant is a far cry from the “stevia” found in nearly every food product on store shelves.

If you eat food that contains stevia on-the-regular, you’re going to want to pay close attention as we cover a very brief history of stevia along with its health benefits and the best and worst types of stevia.

What is Stevia?

The Stevia rebaudiana plant hails from South America (Paraguay), where its leaves have been used for centuries to sweeten beverages and make tea.

is stevia natural

Is Stevia Safe?

There are over 400 studies that showcase stevia’s ability to lower blood sugar, promote weight loss, prevent cavities, and maybe even help prevent certain types of cancer.

But there aren’t a whole lot of studies on its long-term health effects. One study showed when rats were fed high dosages of stevia, it reduced their sperm production. This led the FDA to reject the stevia plant for use as a food ingredient in the 1990s.

However, several highly-processed, chemically-extracted compounds from the stevia plant were approved and granted FDA “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) status: rebaudioside A in 2008, stevioside and rebiana extracts in 2009, and purified stevioside in 2011.

It’s yet another puzzling example of the U.S. food system at work.

What Types of Stevia Are Healthy and Natural and Which Aren’t?

If you prefer to eat real food instead of chemically-altered versions of real food, it’s probably a good idea NOT to listen to government agencies influenced by “Big Food” lobbying groups. Use this simple list (ranked from best to worst) when buying products with stevia instead.


Organic Whole Leaf Stevia (or “Green Leaf Stevia” or “Ground Stevia Leaf Powder”) – Whole leaf stevia powder is simply dried, ground leaves from the actual stevia plant … and that’s it. This is the least processed of all types of stevia and the type that has been used for centuries as a natural sweetener and health remedy. It definitely has an earthier, slightly bitter taste because it’s in its natural state, but you only need a tiny little pinch to sweeten your favorite recipes.


Stevia Extract (or “Stevia,” “Stevia Leaf Extract” or “Organic Stevia”) – Many brands (particularly those marketed as “healthy” and “natural”) use stevia extract. Don’t fall prey to the hype though—this type of stevia still goes through rigorous processing (and often bleaching) to extract certain compounds from the stevia plant. Plus, most food processors add an excipient (filler) that’s usually derived from a genetically modified product (i.e., maltodextrin, a processed starch made from GMO corn).


Truvia, PureVia, Stevia in the Raw – These are the types of stevia to avoid because of the extensive processing and added GMO ingredients.

Truvia, for example, goes through a patented 42-step processing method.

All commercial brands of “stevia” use chemical solvents, GMO derivatives, and/or other processed sweeteners. I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Eat Local Grown has a nice breakdown of several chemically-derived forms of stevia to watch out for.

Avoid these types of processed, GMO-laden "stevia"
Avoid these types of processed, GMO-laden “stevia”

The Bottom Line: Is Stevia Natural?

organic whole leaf stevia powder
This is what real, all natural stevia powder is supposed to look like!

Organic, whole stevia leaf powder in its natural state is a healthy, green, all-natural sweetener. But the FDA actually doesn’t allow it as a food additive.

The stevia most food companies use is a chemically-altered, bleached, stripped down version that’s likely to contain GMO fillers. Any time you see “stevia”, “stevia extract”, or even “organic stevia” on a food’s ingredients list, you may be getting a processed, inferior sweetener that’s NOT real food.

My advice:

Stick with products that use organic stevia extract, and ask the manufacturer if there are any other fillers used.

That is the only type of stevia that is 100% natural, safe, and healthy! And you only need a teeny tiny bit of it.

P.S. We only use organic stevia extract in Pure Food Protein. Learn more about each of our ingredients.

7 thoughts on “Is Stevia Natural? Here’s the Bitter Truth

  1. rebeka says:

    Iv been using sweetLeaf stevia but it does not state organic nor whole. So what would you say is it bad? Do I need to switch to whole organic ?

    • Alice Hardy says:

      I’m confused. I have been using SWEETLEAF “ORGANIC” STEVIA sweetener 3oz size from my market.
      Where do you get the actual whole sweet leaf dried product without any additives?

  2. Eric Vegan Weisman says:

    IT IS SCIENTIFCALLY PROVEN THAT YOU CAN LIVE AN EXTRA 25-35 YEARS LONGER AND IN BEST HEALTH if you follow my recomendations by eating only NON GMO and ORGANIC PLANT BASED VEGAN FOODS. OF COURSE, THE SLAUGHTER ANIMAL PHARMACEITICAL INDUSTRY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS BECASE THIS WOULD LESSNE THEIR POWER AND INCLOME! IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO 25-35 YEARS LONGER AND IN BETTER HEALTH WITH OUT DRUGS AND SURGERIES. STUDIES HAVE PROVEN THAT PEOPLE EAING NON GMO & ORGNAIC PLANT BASED FOODS ONLY LIVE MUCH LONGER AND HEALTHEIR THAN FLESH EATERS . I have been recognized with mutiple international awards for my advances in science and healthcare. I am an internist-practitioner. Unless you are using Organic Stevia, you are putting yourself at risk for internal inflammatory disease as you are with ALL GMO’s. Slaughter Animals eat GMO Plants and GMO Plants make their own toxic pesticides. In addtion to the toxic pesticides GMO’s produce, they are sprayed with Glyphosates, Paraquat and Roundup Herbicides which are also toxic. ANIMALS KILLED FOR HUMAN FOODS EAT THESE CHEAP GMO PLANT ALTERNATIVES AND ARE SICK AND OFTEN DYING WITH CANCERS OR OTHER DIEASES BEFORE THEY ARE SLAUGHTERED. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals are made with Slaughter Animal GMO Ingredients. The scheme of the Slaughter Animal Industry is to get People progressively sick from eating Slaughter Animal Fats – LDL Cholesterol and Chemicals which block the and inflame arteries with every Animal Based Meal Based and then have doctors sell them more Animal Based Drugs to compensate for the Disease casued by eating dead toxic Aniamls and their parts. I eat NON GMO Organic Vegan foods myslelf and I tell my patients to do the same thing. Always use Distilled Water and not bottled or tp water: It is the safest. Dont eat Dairy or Eggs: They are as toxic as GMO Animal Flesh Foods. f incuding Dairy & Eggs, get them progressivley sick and then sell them more Slaughter Anial Based Blood thinners Bhe Slaughter Animal Chemical Pharmaceutcial Weapons Industry is one complex abdnd all indusrtry wit in the is ocmplex use Slaughter Animal Ingredindents.

    • frank ramudit says:

      Can you give me examples of people anywhere on this planet who have followed waht you said and is alive today ?… say pushing at least 120 years old? – none !!! absolutely none – so say may live – cuz ur not sure yourself…

    • Earl Oh says:

      I’d like to see those scientific studies. Have a link?

      Makes me wonder about the control group too. We’re they subjects eating processed meat and no vegetables? How large was the study? Was the study repeated with the same results? Who sponsored the study?

      Please post. I’m curious and would like to read them. Thanks.

    • Carla says:

      @Eric Vegan Weisman
      Where can I found the studies that prove that people who eat like you suggest in your comment, live 25-35 years longer than flesh- eaters? I don’t t believe anyone has been able to prove that!

      • Anita says:

        Nowhere! It’s nonsense! I was vegan for 12 years, ate organic, home made foods. I was gluten-free at the same time. Being vegan made me sick. I now eat organic/free range meat and organic eggs and lots of veg. I feel so much better!!

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