KOS Organic Plant Protein Powder Review

kos plant protein powders reviews

The majority of KOS protein powder reviews you’ll find online (and this applies to most brands) are biased because they get commission.

This one is different.

Because, in full disclosure, we sell our own line of plant-based supplements.

And for the last several years, we’ve been publishing honest reviews of our competitors’ products to help our customers understand how they compare to ours.

This KOS protein powder review will focus on objective criteria like ingredients, nutrition facts, and price and analyzing verified customer reviews on Amazon.

Read on to find out more.

Who Owns KOS Protein Powder?

KOS is a privately owned company started by a couple of entrepreneurs based out of Washington.

Where Can You Buy KOS Protein Shakes?

KOS organic proteins and shakes are available for sale at Whole Foods, Target, Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon.

KOS Organic Plant Protein Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Is KOS protein powder healthy? Here’s what they say on their website:

KOS’ suite of superfoods are designed to give your engine the high-octane punch it needs — and without the fuel contaminants found in today’s dysfunctional food system. We want to infuse you, and your community, with vibrant, sustainable, organic health and well-being. At the risk of sounding saccharine, we really want to do good by the world, and by you. Blame it on our moms. Food has a problem. KOS is approaching the issue at its energy base, building a brick-by-brick model of individual sustainability that can’t help but scale to the larger world. Because the larger world is All of Us.

Ok, pretty cool, we can definitely get down with that philosophy which closely mirrors our own.

But let’s dig into the numbers a bit deeper and see what we find …

KOS Chocolate Protein Powder Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

KOS Vanilla Protein Powder Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Overall, I think KOS appears to offer some of the higher quality plant protein powders on the market.

I like that their protein blend is organic and contains a mix of several different plant proteins (bonus points for this because you get more amino acids / better absorption with multi-source plant-based powders).

Here’s a complete list of pros and cons:

KOS Protein Powder Pros and Cons



  • Get rid of the 2 grams of added sugar and boost the fiber intake. Most people already get more than enough sugar, and it’s one of the biggest causes of weight gain. Even though organic coconut sugar is a lower glycemic sweetener choice compared to others, we’d like to see them use a bit more organic monkfruit instead.
  • Ditch the “natural” flavors and gums (although they do use organic versions, which are much better than non-organic flavors, which are often loaded with mystery chemicals)
  • It’s not clear where their ingredients are sourced from. Most plant proteins are grown in China, where standards aren’t as stringent and soils are often more polluted due to industrial contimination–so it’s always a good idea to ask where the ingredients in your protein shake are grown (not just produced).

KOS Flavors

KOS now offers protein powders in these flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Chocolate Chip Mint
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Salted Caramel Coffee
  • Unflavored

KOS Protein Cost Per Serving

On their website, KOS offers several different pricing options, depending on the serving size. Here is current pricing for their chocolate protein powder:

  • 10 servings: $24.99
  • 14 servings: $34.99
  • 30 servings: $49.99

They also have a Subscribe & Save program that can save you 15%.

KOS Protein Powder Reviews

As discussed, it’s hard to find unbiased reviews on the Internet … but Amazon is still a pretty solid source (despite their many other shortcomings).

Here’s what reviewers on Amazon say about KOS protein shakes:

kos protein powder reviews

Here’s the most liked KOS protein positive review on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars The absolute BEST protein powder I have ever had
Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2018
Size: 30 Servings Verified Purchase
Alright, I’ll start off by saying this is the BEST protein powder I have ever had. I have tried multiple brands (big and small, MLM or bought at target) and a lot I have trashed. I have a degree in nutrition and fitness, I’m a wife, a boy mom chef, a very busy online nutrition and fitness professional.

I don’t have time for crappy products. I don’t want to be eating or drinking them, I won’t recommend them to my clients and I certainly won’t give them to my kids or family. Thankfully this product hit the amazing mark in everything.

1. The plant protein sources; pea, flax, quinoa, pumpkin and chia. Pea protein is an awesome source of protein along with the carbs we want. Flax and chia are great sources of omega 3’s (which we all need more of since we are typically high in omega 6 which causes inflammation), Chia seeds are perfect for adding in additional fiber into our diets with very little effort. Quinoa is the perfect mix of protein and good carbs and pumpkin is amazing for our reproductive health – women and men!

2. The awesome enzyme blend; amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and cellulase. Protease which digests protein.
Amylase digests carbohydrates. Lipase for fats and oils digestion. Lactase which digests dairy products. And cellulase that converts glucose. Who wouldn’t want this in their protein shake?

3. The sweet stuff. Organic agave, Organic Coconut Sugar, Stevia, Monk Fruit. Perfect blend of sweet without being too sweet and a bonus because it doesn’t upset any of the little bellies in my home.

4. The fruit and vegetable blend they have formulated is perfect! It leaves no grit, even with foods like quinoa and seeds being in it. It blends perfectly, super smooth, cooks well, freezes in other foods well, isn’t clumpy, and it’s $39? People pay $200+ for a shake that doesn’t taste half as good and is loaded with things that can cause a lot of GI distress. I would easily pay $200 for this shake. They batch test their own products..no weird, sketchy other company needed. If something is too high – the ditch it!

5. This one is pretty important. Their customer service is amazing! I work in an industry where client relations is SO important and these guys nailed it with their team. They’ve answered tons of questions for me and have been so kind!

I ordered the Vanilla to try first – but I love it so much I know that the chocolate will be just as good if not better! I’ll be ordering that tonight. Happy to say I will never have to try or search for another protein powder again! I will 100% be recommending this to ALL of my clients, family, friends and anyone I know because I love it that much!

The most popular negative review of KOS on Amazon is:

1.0 out of 5 stars Gross!
Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2019
Size: 30 Servings Verified Purchase
With all the positive reviews I thought this was the ONE! Boy was I wrong! Disgusting! If Amazon had a negative star I would say -10!
And no returns at all! Way bad intestinal issues as well!

Compare Our KOS Alternative–Pure Food Real Meal

Here’s a quick comparison of KOS Organic Plant Protein Powder (Chocolate) vs. Pure Food Real Meal:

KOS Chocolate Protein Powder Pure Food REAL MEAL
Calories:  150 170 (note: in order to compare an equivalent serving size with 20 grams of protein, we used a 44 gram serving of Real Meal, which would get you 12 servings/bag.)
Protein Per Serving 20 grams 20 grams 
Sugar Per Serving  2 grams  0 grams 
Cost Per 20 Gram of Protein Serving $2.00 $2.46
Contains Gums and Flavors  Yes No 
Organic ingredients Sourced from the U.S. and Canada ? Yes
Servings Per Bag 10 12

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1 thoughts on “KOS Organic Plant Protein Powder Review

  1. Bob A says:

    Who ever said this stuff is gross is 1 in a million !! you cant buy a better tasting nutrient rich protein shake for the price they sell it for. Amazon has the best price and buy 2 containers at a time. i dont need to try anything else. taste great, blends excellent and the cheapest cost. How can you not love this stuff.

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