New Product Announcement: Lean Muscle / Fat Loss Bundle 

Pure Food Lean Muscle Fat Loss Bundle

I’m super excited to announce that we have an awesome NEW Pure Food Lean Muscle Bundle Pack available now!

This bundle can help you burn body fat, increase lean muscle, and boost your body’s ability to recover faster.

It contains one bottle of each of the following products, each of which has unique, proven ingredients for building lean muscle and burning fat:

  • 1 (300 g) Bottle of Pure Food CREATINE (for increasing lean muscle, recovering faster, and enhancing athletic performance). (60-day supply)
  • 1 (300 g) Bottle of Pure Food GLUTAMINE (for fueling muscle growth, improving muscle recovery, and improving exercise performance). (60-day supply)
  • 1 (60 ct) Bottle of Pure Food L-ARGININE (for increasing blood flow to skeletal muscle during exercise, reducing the burn during intense workouts, and improving exercise performance. (30-day supply)
  • 1 (60 ct) Bottle of Pure Food CARB BLOCK (for aiding in body fat reduction, reducing carbohydrate absorption, and improving insulin and triglyceride levels). (30-day supply)

We are NOT selling the creatine and glutamine supplements separately because they cost too much to source right now, but we’re passing along the best deal we can for you on these supplements by offering them in bundle packs with other synergistic products!

This bundle is normally priced at $111.90, which is a great deal at 20% off MSRP.

But with this limited-time offer, you can get the Lean Muscle / Fat Loss Bundle for just $99.90 by using coupon code LEAN23 at checkout.

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