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Does what it says on the tin
My name is judge on Jan 31, 2019

If you’re here and reading this review, it’s NOT because you’re looking for a McDonald’s milkshake.

Like me, it’s because you’re looking for the purest, cleanest, best-macro-havin’ protein powder on all of Amazon. And friend, I think you just might have found it …

First gripes first: If you chug this stuff straight, yes it’s going to taste like you’re eating raw plants. Because guess what–that’s what you’re doing!

So instead of looking at it as a smoothie mix, look at it as PART of your smoothie mix. Every reviewer seems to have their own solution … mine is the tiniest pinch of agave nectar (I know, sugar is sacrilege) to bring out the natural chocolately flavor of the Cacao. As for whether it works … I mean I’m not a doctor. I tend to feel great and have energy afterwards, which is what food is ACTUALLY supposed to do (not just taste good)

The absolute best protein powder!
Gabriella Espinosa on Jan 25, 2020

The absolute best protein powder! I eat an extremely clean diet. No sugars, additives, chemicals, gmo s. I eat fresh, organic from my garden. This product tastes clean and pure. If you eat any junk food, food with preservatives, fillers or any processed foods, then this protein powder won’t taste good to your chemically sensitized taste buds. When you remove those types of foods from your eating repertoire and add only vitalistic foods, your taste buds will come back to life and they will gladly tell you when something is toxic (bad for you) and when it is pure.

Love It!!!
Celi on Dec 23, 2019

I was researching a product that would help me increase my daily protein intake. I don’t have extensive experience with shakes as I hadn’t found one that I liked, most taste so artificial and just plain bad, that I ended up throwing them away. On top of that, all the artificial ingredients in most of these products really concerned me, as this is something I’ll be having on a daily basis.

Well I’m really glad I gave this shake a try!! I was unsure whether to spend the dollars based on reviews related to taste and texture. I added it to my morning smoothies and not only does it have a nice clean taste — real ingredients, no artificially sweetened taste — but it also blended nicely – I used my vitamix.

Thank you Pure Food company for putting together this amazing product!! Please keep as it is today. I will be reordering very soon!!

Best protein powder out there. Period.
Sacha on Sep 16, 2018

This is the best protein powder out there. Free of sugar, preservatives, colorings, and aaaall the bad stuff other protein powders have. It’s vegan so none of the whey sh*t that upsets your stomach. It’s low calorie and it’s got probiotics. The protein ratio is the best I’ve seen and the price is the cheapest. All the ingredients are organic. There is nothing better for you honestly!!! The way I drink is, as a snack, mixing 1 scoop with 1 tbsp of pb, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 cup of cashew milk, bunch of spinach and 1 tsp of chia seeds. Keeps me full and satifies my sweet tooth. Totally recommend to everyone. I even bought another one for my boyfriend because I make it for him as a breakfast replacement meal (doubling all the quantities mentioned above). I haven’t tried the vanilla flavor because I’m all about chocolate but I bet it’s fire too.

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