Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder Review

purely inspired protein powder nutrition facts ingredients

In case you’re new here, all our reviews, including this one for Purely Inspired organic protein powder, use objective criteria like nutrition facts, ingredient lists, and costs to evaluate the so-called best products out there.

In full disclosure, we also sell our own line of organic proteins.

So long story short, the goal of this review is to provide you with information to help you understand the difference between Purely Inspired and our products so you can decide for yourself which is best for you.


Purely Inspired is a nutritional supplement company owned by Iovate, the corporation behind popular brands MuscleTech and Six Star supplements.

Purely Inspired sells organic protein powders, collagen powders, greens / superfood formulas, and several other products for weight management.

And they’re a BIG brand, considering they claim to be the #1 selling organic plant protein brand and their Protein Powders and Shakes are sold at these stores:

Purely Inspired Protein Powder Review!

Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder Reviews

As mentioned, Purely Inspired sells weight loss supplements and organic protein powders. This review will focus on the latter.

PI offers several types of protein powder:

  1. Organic Protein (Plant-Based)
  2. Organic All In One (Meal Replacement)
  3. Collagen Powder
  4. Organic Protein Shakes (liquid)

Again, we review protein powders based on what’s in them … not how they taste.

So let’s analyze the only objective information you’ll find on the food label:

  1. The Ingredients
  2. The Nutrition Facts

First, here’s a look at the complete nutrition facts and ingredients for each of Purely Inspired’s protein powders:

Purely Inspired Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Organic Protein Plant-based Nutritional Shake

purely inspired protein powder nutrition facts ingredients

Organic All-in-One Nutritional Supplement Shake

Decadent Chocolate:

French Vanilla: 

These nutrition/ingredients labels reveal a few concerns … I’ve highlighted the biggest ones in red:

 purely inspired organic protein powder purely inspired organic all in one shake chocolate

Organic Protein

Organic All-in-One Shake

Calories 140 140
Grams of Protein  20  20
Protein Source(s) Organic pea protein, organic rice protein Organic pea protein
Grams of Sugar  2 2
Free of “Natural” Flavors No No
Free of Gums & Thickeners like Maltodextrin No No
Organic  Yes Yes
Vegan  Yes Yes
Cost Per Gram  $.03  $.03

Now let’s break down exactly why we flagged these …

1. “Natural” Flavors, Gums, Thickeners, Additives, and Fillers

Purely Inspired uses “filler” ingredients. Each can have negative health implications (particularly your gut).

Here’s a partial list of junk ingredients in their products (click on each to learn why you should avoid it, according to scientific sources more credible than me):

  • Natural flavors (may be made of hundreds of chemical ingredients)
  • Gums like cellulose, xanthan, guar, acacia (gums are serious gut disruptors)
  • Maltodextrin (a corn-based derivative used as a thickener that can spike your blood sugar and negate the benefits of probiotics)

2. Cane Sugar

Purely Inspired adds 2 grams of cane sugar to every serving of all of their protein powders.

Just because it comes from “cane sugar” doesn’t make it any better for you.

Sugar consumption leads to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes. Adding sugar to a protein powder marketed as healthy defeats the purpose.

3. Ingredient Sources

Another thing to be wary about with some of the cheaper proteins like Purely Inspired is ingredient countries of origin.

Most protein powder manufacturers source their pea and rice proteins from China in an effort to drive down the cost of the product.

Not saying PI is guilty of this but it’s worth asking them where their ingredients are sourced from before you buy. Because in my experience, most products at this price point come from China.

Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder Review: The Final Verdict

The gist of this review is pretty simple, you guys:

Purely Inspired has a really attractive price and they sell a lot of products, so clearly they’re doing something right.

But to me, some of the “other” ingredients they use, like gums, fillers, and added sugar, just aren’t worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder Review

  1. Rosanne DeGiorgio says:

    I LOVE the product! I was on antibiotics and guess what, it didnt work. When UI started Purely Inspired my uti went away and my energy level went through the ro ok f! God bless you!

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