Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder Review

Purely Inspired is a nutritional supplement company owned by Iovate, the corporation behind popular brands MuscleTech and Six Star supplements.

In my younger days, I used to use both because a) I was a wanna-be meathead and b) they were cheap.

Now that I’m older and wiser (at least that’s what I tell myself), I wouldn’t touch any Purely Inspired products, especially their protein powders.

In this review, I will reveal why.

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Purely Inspired Protein Powders are sold at these stores:

Purely Inspired Protein Powder Review

Hats off to them for their retail success.

Now, if you’re a consumer this should raise some flags.

Here’s why … in order for your product to be “retail ready,” these large brick-and-mortar retailers and pharmacies expect companies to sell them their products at a 50-60% markdown.

Anyways, the reason I bring this is up is this:

Most of the products you see at the retailers I mentioned are forced to compromise on ingredients in order to get their margins down low enough to make a profit.

That’s why all these products have mysterious fillers, gums, thickeners, and other additives … most of which come from China … because they’re cheap!

I learned all about this while building Pure Food. If I sold them my product at $17-20/bag, as they demanded, I would lose money. Since I refused to compromise my ingredients … I stopped talking to most of them.

Anyways, let’s get on with the review!

Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder Reviews

Purely Inspired sells weight loss supplements and organic protein powders. My reviews will focus on the latter.

They offer two types of protein powder:

  1. Organic Protein (Plant-Based)
  2. Organic Whey Protein & Greens.

I evaluate protein powders based on what’s in them … not how they taste.

The way I do this is by analyzing the only objective information you’ll find on the food label:

  1. The Ingredients
  2. The Nutrition Facts

So first, here’s a look at the complete nutrition facts and ingredients for each of Purely Inspired’s protein powders:

Purely Inspired Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Plant-based Protein Powder

purely inspired protein powder nutrition facts ingredients

Whey Protein and Greens

whey protein and greens nutrition

These nutrition/ingredients labels reveal some major concerns … I’ve highlighted the biggest ones in red:

 purely inspired organic protein powder whey protein & greens

Organic Protein

Whey Protein & Greens

Grams of Protein 20 20
Protein Source(s)Organic pea protein organic rice proteinWhey protein concentrate
Grams of Sugar 22
Free of “Natural” FlavorsNoNo
Free of Gums & ThickenersNoNo
Organic YesYes
Vegan YesYes
Cost Per Gram $.03 $.03

Now let’s break down exactly why I flagged these …

1. “Natural” Flavors, Gums, Thickeners, Additives, and Fillers

Purely Inspired uses lots of “filler” ingredients. Each can have a major impact on your health (particularly your gut).

Here’s a partial list of junk ingredients in their products (click on each to learn why you should avoid it, according to scientific sources more credible than me):

2. Cane Sugar

Purely Inspired adds 2 grams of cane sugar to every serving of all of their protein powders.

Sugar is sugar, my friends. 

Just because it comes from “cane sugar” doesn’t make it any better for you.

Purely Inspired Protein Powder Review: The Final Verdict

The gist of this review is pretty simple, you guys:

Purely Inspired has a really attractive price point.

But to me, the junk ingredients they use aren’t worth the risk. 

best plant-based protein powders

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