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Pure Food Protein Powder ReviewsBeachdreamin’28  Verified Purchase

This is a very quality protein. It is the first one that didn’t upset my stomach. I tried high-end recommended whey and plant proteins all with the same nauseating results. This product knocked it out of the park for me. Thank you pure food. And a side note. I was skeptical at first and emailed the company and the owner emailed me back and answered direct questions and corresponded back and forth 5 times. Try and get that service from the owner of GNC.. uhh probably not going to happen. Anyway I highly recommend this product to anyone with stomach issues!! I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

Randilea  Verified Purchase

I absolutely LOVE this protein powder. It is so clean and tastes terrific as well. I am a super healthy VEGAN and extremely picky about what I put in my body. I love that this protein powder uses only 7 organic ingredients and still manages to taste great. I just put a scoop in my shaker bottle with 4-6 ounces of coconut water and shake it up – no blending necessary. I find that it mixes well and does not have any grit. I highly recommend this protein powder for anybody wanting to up their protein intake. Do not be put off by the warnings that it is not like most protein powders. That IS exactly the reason you SHOULD give this product a try. I will definitely be purchasing this protein powder time and time again.

Kayla S.  Verified Purchase

Awesome product! Not much flavor by itself which doesn’t bother me but taste more natural. Adding fruit or powered peanut butter or almond butter adds some flavor. I am a busy nurse and I depend on shakes so I don’t skip meals or turn to junk food. This keeps me full for hours. I have tried many products and currently was using sun warrior but I think I have found me a new protein powered. I also want to add and this might sound weird to some but it also has a good smell. Some protein powder makes me gag just smelling it but this has a natural smell to it and smells good. I will be buying more when I finish this bag.

Amazon Customer  Verified Purchase

I assumed that my other protein powders were healthy because they were soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, organic — how could I go wrong? But when I actually compared those lists of ingredients to Pure Food’s Probiotic plant protein, there was no comparison. Pure Food has just a handful of ingredients, and you can pronounce them. The other powders had all kinds of fillers and unnecessary additives that my brain didn’t recognize and I knew my body wouldn’t recognize either, as real food that’s assimilatable. If it’s foreign man-made junk my body is going to protect me by encapsulating those strange preservatives and toxins in fat cells. No thanks! With Pure Food it’s actual, real PURE FOOD nutrition that my cells immediately recognize and utilize. So grateful for this amazing product. I went out of town to visit my parents and had a bag shipped to me there because number one, my family needs to try this stuff, and two, I didn’t want to go a whole week without it!

Katherine  Verified Purchase

DELICIOUS and from extensive research the cleanest ingredients out there for the price!! So excited to have discovered it I definitely recommend this more than highly. I literally read almost every product and review and took a chance on this one with only a few reviews but so well rated. I can see why it is so highly rated – super tasty and just the right sweetness with very little carb count, short list of ingredients, no dairy or soy or gluten, and blends up smooth and easy! The cocoa is really subtle so you can blend it with almost everything – fruit /kale or banana/nut butters/coffee/vanilla/etc. my favorite is frozen banana and nonfat milk (and some times one tablespoon almond butter) – instant heaven without any aftertaste or funk. Super Highly recommended! So glad I researched because I found my smoothie for life!!

Andrew A.  Verified Purchase

Awesome protein! This protein is far better then any other protein I have ever had. Every other protein I have tried always had a very unpleasant after taste and would hurt my stomach. This awesome protein did the exact opposite. I actually crave this protein as it is very tasteful. Also this protein seems to be very easy to digest which is a plus. If you want a tasteful, healthy, and easy to digest protein buy this you won’t regret. 

Amazon Customer  Verified Purchase

After researching protein powders I decided to give this one a try and I really like it. It has very clean ingredients nothing artificial. It’s described as having an earthy taste but I enjoy the flavor. I put a scoop in my oatmeal for breakfast and two scoops in my post workout shake. I just received my second order. If you are looking for a plant based protein powder that is actually good for you, I highly recommend this one.

TeresaZ  Verified Purchase

I love the minimal amount of ingredients in this product. Most protein powders are full of additives and strange things I can’t pronounce, not to mention sugar or artificial sweeteners. This is a healthy way of getting protein and probiotics into my smoothies. I wish it was a little cheaper, but you have to pay for quality and healthy options. It’s still much cheaper than the other brand shake I was using before. It has a nice flavor as well.

C. Grande  Verified Purchase

I have a background in nutrition and don’t typically support the use of protein shakes if actual food is readily available. Also, in general, I don’t find them to taste good. Taste wise, this one holds-up. I was suspect of the good reviews thinking that I was merely reading the opinions of cult followers. This one actually tastes pretty good with just following one of the basic recipes on the back of the bag. I tried their recommended meal-replacement recipe since my work schedule doesn’t always allow me to eat a proper meal. I was a little nervous just using the water-base (as opposed to almond milk). To my surprise, it has a pretty respectable texture with no funky aftertaste.

Mynameisjudge  Verified Purchase

If you’re here and reading this review, it’s NOT because you’re looking for a McDonald’s milkshake. Like me, it’s because you’re looking for the purest, cleanest, best-macro-havin’ protein powder on all of Amazon. And friend, I think you just might have found it. First gripes first: If you chug this stuff straight, yes it’s going to taste like you’re eating raw plants. Because guess what–that’s what you’re doing! So instead of looking at it as a smoothie mix, look at it as PART of your smoothie mix. Every reviewer seems to have their own solution … mine is the tiniest pinch of agave nectar (I know, sugar is sacrilege) to bring out the natural chocolately flavor of the Cacao. As for whether it works … I mean I’m not a doctor. I tend to feel great and have energy afterwards, which is what food is ACTUALLY supposed to do (not just taste good). So 5 stars!

Laura L.  Verified Purchase

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product!  I have tried numerous brands and most have ingredients that upset my stomach (I have SIBO and multiple food sensitivities)  I try and follow a low glycemic/paleo/primal type diet and do not eat grains with the exception of rice protein and try to limit the amount of meat I eat so eating is a challenge.  This product is smooth and not sickenely sweet like some others.  There are no added ingredients like gums, etc which bother me as well.

Amazon Customer  Verified Purchase

I feel like I’ve tried every plant based protein powder on the market. This is by far the best…it mixes easily without a powdery taste, the chocolate tastes like real cocoa, and although there are few ingredients, they are clean and provide a great variety of necessary proteins and amino acids. Oh, and it’s nice to receive a resealable bag that’s full versus a big plastic tub that’s less than halfway full is just a complete waste of packaging. I’m sold…my family’s sold! 

Brigitte C.  Verified Purchase

I was so pleased to finally find a “real” protein powder that I can feel good about eating myself and giving to my kids! The best part is that it tastes real, not like some of the chemically flavored junk that is out there.
Mary T.  Verified Purchase

I’ve used VegaOne, PlantFusion, SunWarrior and RawMeal- this has the shortest, cleanest ingredient list and keeps me filled up & energized until lunch time every day! 

David A.  Verified Purchase

I have tried many protein powders and so far yours tops the list with purity and simply lack of stuff in it I don’t want or need. I also like the taste and that it is very simple not too sweet etc.

Stacia P.  Verified Purchase

Usually, I do not feel health benefits the first day using a product but this one gave me a clean energy all day. The protein kept me full well into lunch time, which is amazing!!

Chris D.  Verified Purchase

I LOVE THIS PROTEIN POWDER !!! Not only is it DELICIOUS & SMOOTH It is Organic … Vegan … Plant Based … Non GMO … With Probiotics for Gut Health … I blend it with 2 cups water 2 apples cored but not peeled and 2 bananas and sometimes I add blueberries or a pear … I promise that you will not be disappointed with this protein powder … I also love that although it is sweetened with organic whole leaf stevia I can not taste it at all !!! Since I have been adding protein to my everyday routine I stopped losing my hair … Have leaned out .. Have quick muscle recovery after my workouts … I love that this formula feeds my body … I can feel it. 

Lara S.  Verified Purchase
top rated plant protein

This product has the best flavor balance and it’s not overly sweet; it has enough flavor to taste great on its own or just blended with a banana but it won’t take over the whole smoothie if you want to blend it with fruits and veggies. I tried samples from about 5 brands and this is the one I ordered, trust me, there was a spreadsheet…


Pure Food Protein Powders Are Trusted By These Health Experts


I recommend clean plant-based protein powders like Pure Food to my patients and use it myself in a morning smoothie.

Joel Kahn, M.D. / Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine, America's Healthy Heart Doc

I made my first smoothie with it last night—it is so delicious! Will definitely be recommending it to patients and others.

Michelle Crowder, N.D. / Naturopathic Doctor (michellecrowder.com)

I tried it the other day with a banana and it was really good! The texture was pleasant and the flavor was not overbearing. I think you created a worthy product in a semi questionable market.

Ed Bauer / Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Owner of PlantFit Strength & Conditioning (plantfitstrength.com)

As a busy working mom, I’m always looking for super-healthy shortcuts to maintain our whole food, plant-based diet. A Pure Food smoothie for breakfast is quick, easy, and perfectly nutritious.

Lucinda Duncalfe / CEO, Monetate (monetate.com)

I love how simple & clean the ingredients are & that it’s probiotic!

Anne-Marie Campbell / Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, Animal Rights Activist, Founder of Meat Free Athlete (meatfreeathlete.com)

Very pleased with the flavor. Tastes like cocoa! Def. surprised how tasty it was.

Tiffany Burich / Fitness Model, Trainer, CrossFitter, Nutrition Coach

I LOVE it! I like that it’s not too sweet and it mixes great.

Hallie Armstrong, N.D. / Naturopathic Doctor

Out of all the protein powders I’ve tried that have a flavor to them, Pure Food is the most palatable. It’s not grossly sweet, grainy, or pasty like a lot of the other ones on the market.

Theresa (Sam) Houghton / Plant-based Wellness Consultant, Vegan Chef/Blogger (quantumvegan.com)

I’ve tried many brands of protein powders, but Pure Food is the first one that doesn’t taste like chemicals and artificial sweeteners. It’s the perfect addition to my daily CrossFit recovery regimen.

Julia Furer / Pure Food Customer, CrossFit Athlete

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