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5 star reviews

“I chose Pure Food because I had an epiphany of sorts a few months ago. I realized that I was reading the labels of processed foods I was getting and eating vegetarian and organic but I wasnt doing the same thing with my nutritional supplements. All of these other protein powders were marketing crap for lack of a better word. I was tired of “prop” blends and cookie, cake, and candy flavored protein that had laundry lists of ingredients I could barely pronounce or had to google. My biggest gripe was other protein companies championing there “clean” protein powders which were good all the way until I would see the dreaded “NATURAL FLAVORS” once I saw that your protein was organic which is necessary for plant based proteins and that it was without natural flavors and used real ingredients to flavor the protein I was excited to try it. Pure Food has absolutely met and exceeded my expectations. The flavor to me is great and not the artificial vanilla or chocolate flavors I’ve been accustomed to and I have tried MANY protein powders. Thank you for being an honest company that genuinely seems to care about not only their product and the ingredients but also the consumer.”

5 star reviews

“The reasons I chose Pure Foods Protein Powder are multifaceted. I spent months actively comparing all ingredients, price points, and nutritional value from a ton of products. I have worked in healthcare nearly 30 years, you tend to see a lot that could be avoided.

A. I am new to the protein powder arena, but have long admired its ability to satisfy necessary nutrient opportunities in a drink. As I am aging, I am becoming more intentional about what goes into my body and controlling what does not. Pure Foods provides a clean product, scientifically based, and eliminates the junk
B. I am actively working to improve my prediabetes numbers and wanted a product with zero added sugars.
C. Taste consistency is a huge issue for me. Chalkiness, thickness, and poor taste will just end up not getting swallowed and I gamble when I try new things. Pure Foods met that requirement, even as I add almond milk, raspberries, blueberries, and my osteo-fx powder to it. Very tasty and very smoother.
D. I am deliberate about not wasting money, and intentional about spending money on worthy intentions. This product has been worth every penny I have spent on it.
E. This product blends very well and the outcome is always consistent. I have not yet experienced any clumsiness.
F. This powder keeps me full for a good 4 hours and satisfies my protein needs.”

5 star reviews

“After 59 years of martial arts and bodybuilding I have trained over 26,000 people including my only female blackbelt fitness guru, Jillian Michaels. This is by far the cleanest protein I have ever used. They do not heat process it with harmful chemicals like hexane nor is it heat sprayed like most protein powders. That is why you feel so much better on this product….great work and thank you!”

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