Which is Better – Animal or Plant Based Protein?

Best Plant Based Protein Powder for Building Muscle

Let’s begin with why protein matters. It is simple. Our bodies are about twenty percent protein, and we can’t store protein, so every day we need to consume protein to maintain or grow our muscle mass. Simple, right? Less simple is being able to decipher which proteins are best for our bodies. So which do we need? Plant based or animal based? And what is the best plant based protein powder for building muscle?

Good to Know

Despite the basic principle mentioned above, not all protein is created equally. Once consumed, proteins break down into amino acids, which are essential for every metabolic process in the human body. Since animal protein is well-balanced, it results in a well-balanced blend of the essential amino acids required as it breaks down in our bodies. Some plant proteins are less well-balanced, but that’s not to say they are ineffective. In fact, a lot of research and legitimate experimentation within the fitness community has been done on the subject.

Plants, while considered incomplete sources of protein, as they lack one or more essential amino acids, are perfectly viable sources if you use the best plant based protein powder for building muscle. If you also take the time to learn which plant based proteins contain which amino acids, you can better tailor your plant based diet to work in your favor and support your body in its maintenance and growth of muscle.

Benefits of the best plant based protein powder for building muscle

While you might think that you can’t possibly argue the benefits of plant based protein over animal based protein, you do have to consider your crowd. If you are a meat eater, we aren’t here to convince you to quit your carnivorous ways and convert to the vegan lifestyle – far from it. When it comes to talking about the best plant based protein powder for building muscle, we are talking to the vegetarians or vegans in the room.

Many vegans and vegetarians are on an ethical journey, and sometimes you become more focused on what you don’t eat than what you do. In your pursuit to avoid animal products, however, you may be missing out on the proteins and amino acids your body really needs to remain fit and healthy. If you aren’t consuming enough well-rounded protein, then you will begin to lose muscle mass – no matter how much you exercise. Your body cannot build that muscle you are craving to achieve without protein. Relying on the best plant based protein powder for building muscle may be exactly what you are missing.

Good for Everyone

If you are a vegan or vegetarian who has fitness in mind and maybe has not been overly conscious of what your body needs to thrive once you eliminate animal protein from your diet, then plant based protein powder is certainly something you should consider adding to your diet to ensure it is well-rounded and that you feel satiated.

The best plant based protein powder for building muscle is easy to take and easy to add to your existing diet. Even the meat eaters in the crowd can benefit by adding this to their diet, especially if they track their macros and are working within the confines of a set fat/protein/carb/calorie intake. Visit our website to know more.

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